Celebrate the Moms in Your Life This Mother's Day

Moms are the best. They make your dull days brighter and your boring days more entertaining. Celebrate all the mom figures in your life this year: your mom, step-mom, daughter, beloved neighbor, aunt, grandma, wife, a family friend -- all the moms! 

Of course, she'll always be your #1 fan, but Mother's Day is her day to be celebrated. Whether it's something little, or something big that has had an impact on you, let her know how much you truly care about her.

We've compiled a list of 10 Reasons to Celebrate The Mom Figures in Your Life This Mother's Day.

  1. She gives arguably the best hugs in the world. 
  2. She changed your diapers before you were potty trained.
  3. She gave you all of her good looks. (Sorry, dad.)
  4. She believes in everything* you set your mind out to do. (*Some exclusions apply. Yes, this probably excludes building a rocket to launch your brother into space.)
  5. She can always make you laugh -- why do dad jokes get all of the credit?
  6. She'll most likely tell you when she thinks you're making a bad decision.
  7. She was always there for your sports practices.
  8. And then she was at every one of your games, always cheering louder than everyone else. (Yes, Mom. I can hear you. Everyone can hear you.)
  9. She dealt with you during your teenage angst-y years.
  10. She always picks up her phone no matter what time of night it is (as long as she has her ringer on.)

Comment below with your reason to celebrate your MOM!

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